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We assisted Bucks County residents with Foreclosure defense proceedings. No matter how much time is left before your house for sheriff’s and tax sale, we can file an emergency bankruptcy case and stop the foreclosure. We can also use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to help you catching up on your mortgage or tax obligations and ensuring that the foreclosure proceeding is stopped in its roots.

We assist Bucks County residents with tax controversies. We have experience and education to stand up for your rights and confront the IRS in all types of personal and business tax issues. We handled cases anywhere from filing personal and business tax returns, assisting with audits and responding to documents requests to filing a law suit in the U.S. Tax Court.

We assist Bucks County residents with discharging credit card and personal loan debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Do be overwhelmed with debt! We can determine if any of the tax obligations are old enough to qualify for the Chapter 7 tax discharge. We can also analyze if your hardship qualifies for Chapter 7 student loan discharge under the applicable *Brunner* test. We have experience, knowledge and education to take the most sophisticated bankruptcy issues.

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We know how to help people and do not shy away from going the extra mile and aggressively and diligently pursuing our clients’ legal goals. We are here to serve Bucks County residents with all their legal needs such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Tax controversies and Lemon law. Moreover, we can help you start our business on the right foot, incorporate, if needed and ensure your future business prosperity and success. 

We proudly serve Bucks county and surrounding areas. We believe in being a local lawyer and involved in the local community. Buck County and the surrounding area seems to be heavily effected by economic downturns, amounts of debt and unemployment. No matter what financial trouble Bensalem residence face, Litvak Legal Group can help you sort out the trouble and get your back on the of economic recovery. We have knowledge and experience dealing with your creditors, stopping foreclosures, settling and sorting out the IRS and State tax debt and putting the end to the financial misery. We will use the bankruptcy code and rules to the advantage of Bucks County residents in preserving their future and insuring a possible recovery. 

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