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I will negotiate with the IRS for the best possible scenario. Our financial planning will help your quick post-delinquency credit recovery. If you have received any certified correspondence from the IRS or have been served, do not wait. Contact me as soon as possible to secure a representation. Do not respond or contact the IRS without consulting your Tax attorney first. 

Tax audits are very complicated proceedings. I will represent my clients and ensure that all of their procedural and substantive rights are protected before, during and after the IRS has conducted the audit. I will perform a pre-audit document review and give you a fair assessment of possible issues that could be relevant to you situation.

If you buy, lease or register a new vehicle in Pennsylvania and experience and report your vehicle defect within the first 12 months  or 12,000 miles, you may be entitled to return for a refund or exchange your vehicle at no cost to you​.

Small Business

Lemon Law

We advise our clients on business law, start-up assistance related to the formation of an entity. We help you with the protection of a trademark or license agreement and assist with buying or selling a business along with a tax advice regarding your business formation or transaction and liability-avoidance and minimization planning. Our firm advises and represents companies and entrepreneurs with a broad range of business related services. ​We consult business owners and draft various types of agreements. 

I offer simple and straight forward approach. I will explain in plain language the process and the law applicable to your case. I will not try to force (“sell”) you on bankruptcy. While the Bankruptcy Filing may be appropriate in some situations, it may not be the best strategy in others. I will outline your options and help you make a right decision, with an emphasis on post-filing quick recovery and credit re-establishment. I promise a prompt, polite, and professional service without “ifs” and “buts.”

My fees are highly competitive and I offer special fee arrangements under appropriate circumstances. I practice law to help people and strive for the Very Affordable Bankruptcy Services. I offer FREE initial consultation by phone, Skype or in-person. I will try to accommodate your schedule and set-up a meeting at your utmost convenience.

Tax Controversies