We can prepare and file your Federal, State and Local Tax Returns.  

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We can prepare and file your Federal, State and Local Tax Returns.  Tax laws and regulations are very complex. 

You deserve to be represented by a knowledgeable and experienced

Tax Attorney with all your tax needs. 

Call now  (215) 515-7113 or (732) 624-6283

Do you need to file taxes? 

If you fall into any of the following categories, you must file a return. ​

At Litvak Legal Group, PLLC, we will assist you with filing your delinquent or current tax returns; minimizeyour potential tax liability and MAXIMIZE the amount of any REFUNDyou are entitled to.

You need to file your tax returns!

Have you missed any previous tax returns? Do you need help preparing you current year’s tax returns? We can help!

 Not filing Federal or State tax returns is a serious matter. You may be subject of extensive criminal and civil penalties, interest, and fees.

If you fail to file a return, the IRS may assess and collect taxes owed at any time and without any time limitations. However, if you think that you overpaid your taxes and may be qualified for a refund, you only have 3 years from the filing due date or 2 yearsfrom the payment date. Therefore, even if you thought that you were owed a refund, but failed to file your return, you may still be liable for taxes but your refund rights may be time barred.

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